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NOWARTT Shoulder Bag S

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A collaboration series with a textile graphic brand "NOWARTT" that incorporates heritage x modern art by art director and designer Toyoki Adachi. This time, the NOWARTT original pattern designed from the ice crystals and the designed NOWARTT original pattern is a Japanese traditional fabric, "Kinhuan Owaku", and it is finished as a high-class material with a good texture, The original fabric is arranged on the back of the flap and it is design accent. In addition, the surface material is 210D and a wire-woven woven with 420D in the tale yarn, and a high density weaved manner, and a high density nylon tile finished with a moderate gloss and a high density nylon tile, usually about nylon It is 5x friction, tearing strength and durability of Invista 630D Cordura® nylon. It is the same color but using two different materials, it is finished in the design that combines colors like gradation.

Size W195 H210 D10mm
Weight About 260g

High density nylon twill / CORDURA® Fabric 630D Nylon / Kinkanori (NOWARTT original pattern) / Domestic Cow Sea


The attached leather may cause spots if it gets wet with rain or moisture.


Reproduces the original pattern of NOWARTT with precisely and faithful woven with Kinkaneyama Ori, a traditional Japanese textile.

The interior has a NOWARTT name.

The flap has a hook pocket.

There is an open pocket on the back.

The shoulder strap can be removed.

Pis name common to the series.