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NOWARTT Shoulder Bag M

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A collaboration series with a textile graphic brand "NOWARTT" that incorporates heritage x modern art by art director and designer Toyoki Adachi. This time, the NOWARTT original pattern designed from the ice crystals and the designed NOWARTT original pattern is a Japanese traditional fabric, "Kinhuan Owaku", and it is finished as a high-class material with a good texture, The original fabric is arranged on the back of the flap and it is design accent. In addition, the surface material is 210D and a wire-woven woven with 420D in the tale yarn, and a high density weaved manner, and a high density nylon tile finished with a moderate gloss and a high density nylon tile, usually about nylon It is 5x friction, tearing strength and durability of Invista 630D Cordura® nylon. It is the same color but using two different materials, it is finished in the design that combines colors like gradation.
Size W320 H250 D65mm
Weight About 520g

High density nylon twill / CORDURA® Fabric 630D Nylon / Kinkanori (NOWARTT original pattern) / Domestic Cow Sea


The attached leather may cause spots if it gets wet with rain or moisture.


There is a zipper pocket on the back side of the main storage.

There is also a pocket on the front side.

There is an open pocket on the back.

The flap has a hook pocket.

Reproduces the original pattern of NOWARTT with precisely and faithful woven with Kinkaneyama Ori, a traditional Japanese textile.

Pis name common to the series.