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Heritage by art director and toyosuke Adachi × Collaboration series with textile art brand "nowartt". This time, the original design of the original design of the original weave of arartt, which is inspired by ice cream, is made by Japanese traditional fabric, "korikazan weave", and it is made to be a high quality material with a thick and high-quality texture. In addition, the surface material is made of 230d cardula with a high density nylon twill made of 250D and 450D in the tie thread and high density, and finished with a high quality gloss, and it has a friction and tear strength and durability of about 5 times the nylon of the high density, and it is ® Become nylon. Although it is the same color, it uses two different materials, and it is finished with a combination of colors like gradation.
Size W390 H405 D35mm
Weight About 520 grams.

Density Nylontles/CORDURA ® fabric 630d nylon/Kinka yamaori (nowartt original pattern)/kokka Kaurezar


The included leather may stain if it gets wet from rain or moisture.


There is a zipper pocket on the back side of the main storage. nowartt The original pattern is precisely and faithfully woven using the traditional Japanese textile Kinkasan Ori.

There is a zipper on the side that allows you to access the main storage.

Opening and closing with drawcord.

The flap part has a hock's pocket.

Piss name common to the series.