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Art Director and Designer Adachi Toyohashi-Collaboration Series with Textile Graphic Brand "NOWARTT" incorporating modern art. This time, the "morning" and "morning" "Sunset" night "night flow of the night" "will be" paint camouflage "expressed in color change. "NOWARTT" is a pattern that feels good and delicate. The main body fabric prints a NOWARTT original paint cuffler on a high density polyester twill with a tate 100D horizontal 250D. Furthermore, since water repellent coating is performed on the fabric surface, water resistance is also considered. The shape of the bag is casual, but it is finished in a classy feeling by making a beautiful gloss by making inkjet printing on a shiny polyester tail fabric. As a whole, the size of the bag is smaller, so it is a model that can be used by women.
Size W175 H120 D45mm

High -density polyester twill (inkjet print, water -repellent coat processing) / CORDURA® 610D Fabric polyester


Although it is an inkjet, there is a possibility that color blurring due to lots may occur. The color and appearance of the print are not uniform.


Main storage that can store small items.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

The zipper puller has a tape.

The front part has a double name of Master-Piedre and Nowartt.