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The main material is a dough that is woven with the hoririester of 20, which is woven with a howl riester string, and has a hard-flammable material that has a hard flame and a cottick of aluminum, which is hard to burn, and is also used for heat.Also, a soft flavor with the peculiar characteristics of komum can be characterized by the inability to affect the outside temperature.This retarded flammable process is also used for non-emergency bags and so on, and it is used as a means of living in which the certification of disaster prevention is being made. Reflect tape, which is distributed to the front, is also used to reflect whether it is slippery when it is slippery, and its light source is reflected in the flattened surface, even if it is covered with a reflected layer of light. It has been used as a preparedness for disaster prevention as well as in Fasnach which has a function of combustion materials and refruct tephs and whistle functions.

Size W310 H395 D65mm
Weight 630g

20/1 Polyester (flame-retardant chloroprene rubber topping + aluminum coat)


The dough is a difficult flame, not a flame, and it has an effect to relieve the spread of the fire.There are cases in which a dissociation may occur due to deterioration in usage, such as strong friction or bending on the surface of the dough, as well as a strong friction or bend.If you leave it wet for a long time, it can cause color loss or deterioration, so make sure you dry it and save it.Also, please note that the dough is likely to be placed in the dough, as it is placed under a humid situation.In the manufacturing process, the reflectance tape has a joint seam to the welder, or the reflective sheet. In addition, the surface of the surface may change due to age or moisture, so please accept the foregoing.Because it is not fully waterproof, it cannot be prevented from penetrating water, such as fasteners, which are fasteners or sewing parts.Please note that the specifications for the product may change without notice.


The reflective tape placed on the front has a smooth, flat surface that is covered with a reflective layer even if moisture from rain or other sources adheres to it, so it can reflect light sources that are refracted by water.

The main flap-expression storage.

The main storage can also be accessed from the side zipper.

Fassner expressions are also provided at the rear.

There is also a pocket on the front part.

The dot button with the master piece logo is easy to open.

A D-Kan is attached to the top of the main storage.

Opens and closes with a drawcord.

It has the master-piece logo on it.