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looper shoulder bag S No.12741

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The main body leather is chrome leather from MONFRINI PELLAMI S.R.L., a long-established tannery located in Milan, Italy, founded in 1898. After chrome tanning, a semi-aniline finish is created by mixing high-color pigments with transparent dyes and using a roll coaster machine to create a bright and elegant color. Although it is plain smooth leather, it has a beautiful surface with just the right amount of luster. This leather is unique to Monfrini Perami, a company that produces European leather with a high fashion sense. The heavy eyelets on the flap pockets, which are common to the series, are a design point that gives off a military feel.
Size W165 H250 D65 mm
Weight About 250 grams

Italian smooth leather


It is possible to have a particular wrist or wound that is seen in leather. Please note that there may be a change in color or change in color due to friction. Please be aware that if it is wet or wet for natural leather, it can be a cyme.


On the back side of the main storage, there is an open pockets.

The front part has a flap pocket common to the series.

There is also an open pocket on the back.

You can also hang eyewear etc. on the eyelet at the end of the flap.

You can remove the shoulder straps.

The side has a leather piss name engraved with the master-piece logo.