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TRIP WALLET Compact Wallet No. 12720

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The main material is the production of the CORDURA ® brand fabric, the original 210d of 66 nylon yarn, and the original fabric used for the Tate Yoko, and MASTERTEX-07, which is superior to the hardness of resistance, used for the 210d, and used for the Tate yoco.The surface of the dough is water-mizu-processing, and on the back side, the special-permeable humidification film L-Vent ® is laminated, and a three-layer structure with a three-layer structure with a trichotnylon is equipped with a waterproof capability of 20,000mm level.The accompanying material also uses a cowleaser, which is a convenience store in the bark that is more severe in Japan than in Japan.After finishing the softness with chrome-mold, the inpurities in the tissues can be removed by using tannin, which is tanned with tannin tanned, and the amount of space becomes more and soft to the lighter and soft touch leather.The dough uses the original camouflage, which was designed with a motif of the Japanese archipelago.Using the original fabric MASTERTEX-07, the 8-color deployment and rich color variations contain the minimum amount of money and cards needed, the outdoor wallet, for travel and business trips, as well as a series of Osmime series as a holiday wallet for travel and business trips.
Size W115 H90 D20mm

MASTERTEX-07 (CORDURA Ballistic® 420d fabric 100% nylon breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) / Cow leather (combination tanning)


If the main fabric is left wet for a long time, the coating on the back may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing.


The interior fabric uses an original camouflage print fabric designed with the motif of the Japanese archipelago.

The main storage opens and closes with Velcro.

The rear side has a fastener pocket that can contain small coins.

The carabiner is removable.

The interior has the CORDURA® name.

The common printname of the series.


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