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The leather for the main body is made by tanning thick raw hides from North America with chrome, then horizontally dividing the layer with the silver surface (the surface of the leather) and the lower layer, and making the lower layer of leather evenly 2mm thick. Then, it is carefully buffed with sandpaper and finely brushed. Due to the thickness of the leather, it is not possible to dye all the way to the core in one go, so the leather is dyed slowly in two parts, and during the second dyeing, the waterproofing agent is penetrated deep into the leather to increase its waterproofness. The attached fabric is made of 66 nylon thread (bright thread) with a length and width of 420d that meets the CORDURA® brand fabric standards, and has strength against friction, tearing, fraying, etc., and a special moisture-permeable waterproof film L. - MASTERTEX-05 nylon is an original fabric with a 3-layer structure made by laminating Vent® and bonding tricot nylon. Compared to regular 420d class fabrics, it has about 20% more stitches, making it stronger. 66 nylon bright thread is used, giving it a deep luster. Water-repellent zippers made by YKK are used, and the interior uses an original camouflage print fabric designed with the motif of the Japanese archipelago. This series is characterized by casual coloring using waterproof suede.
Size W240 H145 D80(mm)
Weight About 260g

waterproof suede
MASTERTEX-05 (CORDURA® 500d × 840d fabric 66 nylon 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated)


The leather on the main body has some color blurring. Also, please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided. Although it is waterproof, it is still possible for water to seep through the seams and the boundaries between parts. If the included nylon material is left wet for a long time, the film on the back may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the zipper or needle holes in the sewn parts.


The interior uses original camouflage print fabric designed with the motif of the Japanese archipelago.

There is a pocket on the back where you can store coins and cards.

The front part contains the master-piece pretname.

You can open and close the shoulder straps with a single touch.