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The reissants of the body have a thick skin of North America, and after it is tanned, the layers of silver (the surface of leather) are divided horizontally, and the lower part of the leather is equal to the thickness of the lower layer, and the leather of the lower part is polite, polar, polite, finely grained, and woven.Since it is thick in leather, it is not dyed in the core, and it is used to stain it twice, and it is used to increase waterproofing in the middle of the second stain, which is used to increase the waterproofing.The dough has a high intensity of 66 nylon threads (Fly Light threads) of the 420d (420d), which meets the standards of CORDURA ® brand, and is equipped with a 3-layer structure that is equipped with a special, humidification, humidification, laminated water film L-Vent ®, and a three-layer structure that includes a trichottnylon.This is a typical 420d-class dough, and the number of the dough is 20 % and the number of the dough is more than 20 %, and the strength of the dough is growing.66 Nylon's fluffy thread is used to make a deep glossy light.YKK's plucking water fasner, as well as the interior of the Japanese archipelago, has been used to make use of the maze of the innate lost lid.The shrewd, a shrieking curry with a waterproof sueto, is used as a part of a shrewd characteristic.
Size W280 H230 D30mm
Weight Approximately 280g

The waterproofed sueto.
MASTERTEX-05 (CORDURA ® 500d, 840d fabric 66 Nylon 100 % permeable moisture waterproof film L-Vent ® Raminet processing)


The color of the main body of the lease comes with some color. Moreover, it is understood that the color change of the material can be done by the characteristic of the material. It is waterproof processing, and it does not escape from the border of the sewing part and the jamming. Please be sure to store the product on the back of the nylon and leave it for a long period of time. Since it is not fully waterproof, it is careful to prevent the invasion of water from the needle hole which is divided into the zipper and the sewing part.


In the interior of the Japanese archipelago, the Japanese archipelago has been thawed in the Japanese archipelago, and the Orie, which has been in sausage, is using the lost soft-lint dough.

There is a zippered pocket on the front part.

Shoulder strap is adjustable. It can be attached to other bags and belt by removing the carabiner part.

The front part has a plate name of master-piece.