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YOSEMITE STRAP® × master-piece mobile strap pouch No.12433-ys2

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YOSEMITE STRAP® We have jointly developed three items: two types of bags and a smartphone strap. The shoulder straps for the drawstring pouch and zipper pouch are YOSEMITE STRAP.® We developed an original code by requesting a special order. The design based on the "Masterpiece" brand colors will be an accent to your coordination. Each comes with an original attachment that allows you to attach a smartphone. The pouch can be removed and used as a smartphone strap, making it an item that you can enjoy in a style that suits you.

Size W175 H135 mm
Weight Approximated 160g

High density nylon twill
Code nylon
Attachment: 0.5 mm thick tartarin


A smartphone case is not included with the product. This product is not for climbing. Do not use for climbing. To prevent accidents and injuries, please refrain from excessive stress, sudden shock, or other strenuous exercise that requires stress while wearing the product. The bottom of the smartphone case corresponds to the hole type. It may not be usable depending on the shape of the smartphone case. If the case is soft and the fit between the smartphone and the case is weak, the attachment may become misaligned and the case may become unusable. Please use the included double-sided sticker by pasting it on the EPM smartphone attachment system.
When charging, there must be at least 1 mm of space above and below the vertical width of the cable hole. Please be sure to read the precautions carefully before use. Specifications, design, materials, etc. of this product and package may change without notice for improvement. Furthermore, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the human body, clothing, peripheral devices, smartphones, data, etc., or loss due to dropping, etc., that may occur when using this product.


Comes with an original attachment that allows you to attach a smartphone.

The segment part of the attachment can be opened and closed.

A shoulder strap with a design based on Masterpiece brand colors.