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YOSEMITE STRAP ® × master-piece of mobile straps No. 12431-ys2

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YOSEMITE STRAP® We developed three items, both bag 2 and smart phone straff.YOSEMITE STRAP (STRAP), which is the stronghall of Fasnagh, and Fasnagh, and Fasnagh, and Fasnagh,® I had to ask for a separate note, and I developed the narcote.The "Masterhi" is the fruit of the "Masterhi", and the land in which the land is based is the accent of the cote. The alignment of the phone with the smartphone will be attached to it, and it is accompanied by a narcement' s alignment.It is an item that we can enjoy and enjoy, as it is possible to take off the holoch and use it as a smart phone straw-like item.
Size W170 H215mm
Weight About 80 grams

High density nylon twill
Cord: Nylon
Attachment: 0.5mm thick lightweight tarpaulin


Smart phone cases are not included with the product. This product is not for climbing.Do not use it for climbing.Please refrain from excessive load or sudden shock, such as excessive load or unexpected shocks, to prevent accidents or crabs during the wearing of the system.The bottom face of the smartphone case corresponds to the type of hole.It may not be used by the shape of a smart phone case.In the case of soft smartphone and case fitness, an attachment may not be available for use.Paste the adjunct side seals into the EPM smartphone attachment system and use it.
You must have at least one millisecond on the vertical width of the charging cable hole. Be sure to read the usage notes and use them carefully.This product and package are subject to changes in specifications, designs, and materials without prior notice.In addition, please be aware that any damage arising from the use of this product, such as human body, clothing, peripheral equipment, or smartphone body, or data, may be subject to any liability as a result of damage or loss.


The main storage can also be accessed through the front zipper.

The main storage system is opened and closed in the draw code.

A shoulder strap with a design based on Masterpiece brand colors.

Comes with an original attachment that allows you to attach a smartphone.

The segment part of the attachment can be opened and closed.

Strap is removable