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YOSEMITE STRAP × MASTER-PIECE Mobile Strap Drawstring Pouch

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We have developed three items, a bag 2 and a smartphone strap in collaboration with Yosemite Strap.
He has developed an original code by asking YosemitESTRAP for each shoulder strap of the drawstring porch and zipper pouch. The design based on the brand color of "Masterpiece" will be an accent of coordination. Each comes with an original Attachment that allows you to attach a smartphone to each. Since it can be used as a smartphone strap by removing the porch, it is an item that can be enjoyed in the style that suits you.
Size W170 H215mm
Weight 80g

High density nylon twill


For metal parts, there is a possibility that plating will be peeled or discolored over time, so please understand in advance as a characteristic of the material. It may not be available depending on the shape of the smartphone case. Soft and weak smartphones and cases may not be able to be used due to their attachments.


The main storage can also be accessed from the front zipper.

The main storage will be opened and closed with a draw code.

Shoulder strap designed based on the brand color of the masterpiece.

The strap is removable

Includes an original attachment that can attach a smartphone.

Master-Piece leather name is applied.