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Bridle Card Case

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It is a Blyde Leather Company (Spire Leather Company) bridol leather in the main body material, England Derbyshire, Chesterfield. Spire Leather The His Pany has a historic "Clayton" in his 1840 in 2018 and has continued its excellence in any aspect of leather production. We are committed to British and folked skin, tanning, finish, medicine, finish natural wax and oil are procured locally. Bridol Leather is originally a leather for horse mackerel, and among them, it is made for the lice involved in human life, and is tough durable. The manufacturing method that produces this tough leather is manufactured with time and effort to get away with traditional manufacturing methods. Both cattle carbine with plant tannin alone, he does not ho the fiber as much as possible. After that, it is possible to repeat the work such as being able to carry out the work, which is mixed with the formulation of secret such as tallow, beeswax, vegetable oils and oil, and to further rub into the surface and further rubbing his low on the surface. I will make a low duplex. The leather that has been made this way is robust, but the more you use, the more familiar with the hand, and the Low of the surface is brushed by friction. An amber gloss that can not be tasted in other leather. The fastener uses his Excella manufactured by his Ykk, who carefully polished one element. It is a series of accessories for adults who can enjoy the good material of the existing few pure British bridol leather.
Size W105 H75 D20M

Bridle leather


There is a phenomenon in which the bloomed wax, which is soaked in the surface, which is the characteristic of bridle leather, remains white on the surface. When it is cold, it is easy to appear because the wax is particularly hardened on the surface. Normally, while using it, it can be removed naturally by friction, dissolve it with frictional heat, soaked in again, but if you are worried, wipe it with a soft cloth or brush. Also, be careful of wet because it is manufactured only with natural foods such as plant tannins. It is easy to absorb water and spots may be formed. Please use bridle leather for care products such as cream.


Multiple cards can be stored.

The zipper uses EXCELLA made by YKK, which is carefully polished one by one.

A press name common to the series.