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LECTER money clip

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The main body material is a centroid Conceria Victoria (Conceria Victoria) Box Cover in Santa Curlo, which is a production site of many leather. Concelia Victoria is originally a tanna of plant tannin tanning. After that, there was new tanning innovation in the late 1960s and started to create chromium tanning leather. Today, while following the old-fashioned way of tanning, we have made new things and ideas and continuing improvement to improve it elsewhere else. Mainly, we are producing leather using the carefully selected raw skin of Italy, France and other Europe. In addition, we are conscious of sustainability early and certified from ICEC (Authentication of Tanner's Sustainable). Using a carefully selected Slobenian rhinothelielder, a carefully selected Slobenian, wax, aniline finish, and finished with a look like a cord van. This box curv is fine-more than Codeban, not only elegant, but also aging. The fastener uses his Excella manufactured by his Ykk, who carefully polished one element. Conceria Victoria Box Cough is a series of accessories for adults to enjoy the goodness of the material.
Size W110 H90 D15mm

Box carf


Please note that some color blurring and transformation colors cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of leather materials. Also, if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause spots and discoloration. If it gets wet, remove the water promptly. Please note that if you leave it in a hot and humid place, it may be discolored or deteriorated. In addition, gloss is likely to occur due to friction, etc., and individual scratches may occur.


There is a pocket that can store the card.

There is a bill scissors inside.

Coins can be stored on the back side.

A press name common to the series.