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It has a variety of gimmicks in a simple visual, not only functional aspects, but also a special coating material with wrinkles and silhouettes.

-The main body material uses Cordura® nylon with wear, tear strength and durability. A special urethane resin is coated on the surface.
・ Cordura Bari ® nylon is used for the attached fabric, and PVC is processed on the back to further improve strength and waterproofness.
・ The attached leather uses a domestic high -quality steer leather. The 3M waterproof agent, "ScotchGard®," realizes waterproofing and antifouling while maintaining the texture of leather.
・ For the shoulder strap, reduce the weight of the luggage,  “M-strap Original mechanism(Practical new plan has already been registered) Equipped
・ It can be opened and closed with one touch with a lock at the top of the main unit. (A key is included.)
-The back pad can be adjusted by magic tape to adjust the removal position.
・ The back PC pocket can hold a 16 -inch laptop.
・ Tablet can be stored in the main storage back pocket.
・ The partition of the main storage part can be removed according to the size of the luggage.
・ Multiple pockets inside the main storage.
 Hook buckleCan be custom ( * sold separately)
・ ・ The tape on the back corresponds to the carry bar
Size W280 H390 D130 mm / about 10L
Weight Approximately 1370g

CORDURA® Fabric 100D × 210D Nylon twill (special PU coating) / CORDURA BALLISTIC® FARLIC 1680D Nylon (back PVC coating) / Steering leather (3M Scotchgard®)


A base can be deformed if you apply a strong impact or force. In the main body fabric, the wrinkles of the dye and coating may be streamed instead of uniform. Also, please note that it is not completely waterproof, so it is not possible to prevent the invasion of water such as the needle hole, which is the sewing part. If the nylon material of the attached fabric is left for a long time while wet, the film on the back side may peel off or cause deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing. Water -repellent processing will be the surface processing, so if you use it, the effect will be diminished due to friction. In addition, the water repellency is lost due to dust attached to the dough and other dirt. A highly durable PU coating is applied, but the coating may be peeled off by rubbing with a hard one. The attached leather may cause wrinkles and scratches unique to leather individuals. Please note that there is a possibility that color shift and color transfer color may occur due to friction, etc. Please note that due to natural leather, it may be a stain when it is wet with rain or water. Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


On the top hook buckle, you can temporarily stop outerwear and caps that cannot be put inside.

The pocket on the left side opens wide.

A bottle and folding umbrella can be stored in the pocket on the right front.

Since the back pad can be removed by Velcro, the position can be fine -tuned.

The shoulder strap is equipped with an original mechanism called "M-STRAP" (registered as a practical new plan), which reduces the load on the body.

On the back, there is a space where you can store laptops such as MacBookPro, which open widely.

The lock can be locked with the attached key.

You can prevent loss by storing the key in the back of the front left pocket.

The main storage is large, and you can access the back of the bag with one touch.

The partitions are detachable, and the luggage can be stored finely in the case of worn, and the main storage can be used wider in the case of removed.

The main storage back has a hanging pocket that can store small items separately.

There is a sleeve that can store tablets such as iPad when you turn the hanging pocket.

On the back side of the partition, there is a convenient pocket and a pocket that is convenient for storing small items.

The back side of the partition has a convenient pocket for storing small items.

The tape on the back can be passed through the carry bar.

It is a comparison image of L size and M size.