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scratch bifold middle wallet No.04062

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The main body material is made from highly rare domestic quality Holstein, and is tanned with vegetable tannins to give it durability and elasticity. Furthermore, during the dyeing process, a larger amount of oil than usual is applied twice to allow it to penetrate over time, resulting in a smooth and moist texture. The finish is finished with dye only, and then each piece is brushed by hand using a kana brush to create the wood grain look that is characteristic of leather. Therefore, he only produces about 10 pieces a day, making it a very rare leather. You can also enjoy the changes over time. The attached leather is made of European raw leather with chrome tanning, which is glass-finished and then finished with special urethane, giving it a matte texture and a rubber touch. It also has a finish that is resistant to friction and color fading.
Size W95h110d15 mm

Kaureza /Krezer


The leaser used for the main material is a dye only to make use of the texture of the Reza, so there are some colored beets. Also, please be careful when you get wet and wet to the water, and cause your color to color and to the cause of the shimi. Please be aware that leather is a cause of loss or deterioration when it is weak in alcohol.Also, please note that the color transition and change color may occur due to friction, etc.


The main compartment has a card slot, bill compartment, and coin purse.

Knock's coins.

There is a space on the back of the coin purse.

Embossed name common to the series.