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TACT LEATHER Ver. 2way backpack No.04024-L

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The TACT-L series of Master-Piece (Master Piece), which can be used in unisex, using lightweight synthetic materials with a classic atmosphere, on-off and use of modern functional functionality.
Leather ver.
Finished in a freshly made Dless bag with a classical appearance and a high -quality leather that can enjoy aging.
In addition, it is also excellent in functional aspects, such as a simple PC sleeve, magnet -type front pocket, and back pockets that are convenient for putting valuables.
・ The main body material uses a cow leather from Hokkaido, which is said to be the highest quality in Japan.
・ MacBook Pro up to 13inch can be stored
・ The back corresponds to the carry bar
・ The top base can be locked with the attached key

*NABY-B is a directly managed store, online limited color.
Size W390 H300 D105 mm
Weight Approximately 1260g

Hokkaido Cow Tea Tea High Density Nylon Tile


A base can be deformed if you apply a strong impact or force. We use a lot of dye to use the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blur. Also, please note that the color cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the material. If it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause spots and discoloration, so if it gets wet, remove the water promptly.


Main storage that opens wide. The PC sleeve on the back can store MacBook Pro up to 13 inches.

The front side has a zippered mesh pocket that is good for visibility and convenient for small accessories.

The front has a magnet -type pocket, and a pocket that can store a notebook or pen is included inside.

A zipper pocket on the back is also convenient for storing wallets and valuables.

The back tape allows you to attach it to the carry case bar.

By attaching a strap on the D -can on the back, it is difficult for people with shoulders to slip down.

The main storage can be opened and closed by picking the metal fittings. The lock can be locked with the attached key.