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FDMTL x Master-Piece -limited Edition-Backpack No.04021-Fd

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A collaboration series using a bold fabric with a bold fabric with a denim patchwork pattern, which can be said to be an icon of “FDMTL”.A directly managed store -only model based on the "Tact" seriesAppeared.

A special technology called Komatsu Matele Co., Ltd., a specially processed material called Konbu ®-N of Komatsu Materre Co., Ltd. on the nylon twill of 320D of vertical and horizontal 320D, using the original 襤 襤 and denim patchwork pattern by FDMTL. Uses printed fabric.
It is surprisingly light when you take it in your hand while it is independent hardness and strength to tear, and it is a bag that can be used without stress.

The combination of various different materials unique to Master-Piece and the expressive design by FDMTL are fused, It is a collaboration series that embodies the concept of the FDMTL, "products that are more attached to wear" in a new form.
Size W300 H395 D130mm
Weight Approximately 1290g

320D nylon twill (konbu®-n · monalisa®) / high-density polyester twill (Teflon TM processing / PVC coating) / JES standard certification Econome Trees


Depending on how the body fabric is taken, the appearance of the print pattern is not uniform. Please note. The leather used for the attached not only has individual differences in the color, but also causes discoloration due to sunburn. Also, please note that if it gets wet with rain or water, it will be black. If it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause spots and discoloration, so if it gets wet, remove the water promptly. Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


The zipper pocket on the front is convenient for storing small items such as pens and memos.

The base can be locked with the attached key.

The key can be stored in the front zipper pocket.

The side has a water bottle pocket.

There is also a zipper pocket on the back, which is convenient for storing valuables.

You can change the shoulder strap position according to the shoulder width.

The entire main storage is mesh zipper pocket, which is convenient for storing gadgets.

The back of the main storage can be stored up to MacBook Pro16inch.

The back tape can store a shoulder strap or attach it to the carry bar.

FDMTL X Master-Piece name.