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Sash Sling Bag No.03050

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The main fabric is a flat -weaving fabric with a pre -recyla recycled nylon yarn that reuses waste generated in the manufacturing process.Komatsu Materele Co., Ltd. is a specially processed material called KONBU ®-N. It is characterized by a surprising lightness when you take it in your hand while having the hardness and the strength of the tears that are independent.

The attached leather uses chrome leather from MONFRTNI Pellami S.R.L.
It features a beautiful surface that brings out moderate gloss despite the plain smooth leather.

The three -dimensional cutting has more storage capacity than it looks, and the design is common to the front and rear torso, so it can be used regardless of the dominant arm.
A simple design with a casual texture and one tone.It features a unique firmness, wrinkles, and matte textureIt is an attractive series with Konbu ®-N processed body fabric.

Size W580 H290 mm

70D × 160D Nylon tasser (konbu®-n) / Italian mousse leather


The body fabric is not uniform, such as wrinkles and white look by processing. In addition, since the fabric has a sense of firmness, some sounds will occur when used, but please note that it is characteristic of the fabric.
The leather used for the attached may have wrinkles and scratches unique to individuals. Please note that there is a possibility that color shift and color transfer color may occur due to friction, etc.
Please note that due to natural leather, if it gets wet with rain or water, it may be a stain.
Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


The back side of the main storage has a convenient zipper pocket for storing small items.

On the front side of the main storage, there are two convenient pockets for storing accessories that have a lot of accessories.

The main storage is a double zip type and can be opened from both left or right.

The side top has a convenient zipper pocket for storing small items such as keys and headphones.

The shoulder part adopts a double ring.