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URBAN tote bag

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For the main body material, use MasterteX-06 nylon, which is durable and durable to woven a high-density twill using a 420D CORDURA® bright yarn for the main body material, and uses a 420D CORDURA® bright yarn to give it durable and finished in an elegant expression. doing. It is an original fabric that has a special hydrangering waterproof film L-vent® laminated, has a three-layer structure with a tricot nylon, and has a water pressure of 20,000 mm. The attached leather contains a waterproofing material scotchgard® in the dyeing tyco at the time of dyeing, and finished so that the waterproofing material is familiar to the whole is obtained, and a high waterproof effect is obtained, and the effect is longer. The leather surface uses dyes and pigments to give a transparency, but after adjusting to a natural color and atmosphere, and then spraying a waterproofing agent on the surface to get a higher waterproof effect. On the back of the bag, he has a thick core material so that it is two lines to create air flow to ensure breathability. The lining is made of nylon fabric that has high antibacterial and high -density that passed the antibacterial test by the absorption of the JILS 1902 2015 bacterial solution. It is designed to reduce the burden on the body and stress during bicycle commuting or traveling, and is designed to be a neo -work style that is easy to match with a suit style with an elegant combination.
Size W300 H355 D115mm
Weight About 790g

MasterteX-06TM (Cordura® 100D x 420D NYLON 100% hydrated waterproof film L-vent® laminates processing) / MasterteX-05TM (CORDURA® 420D nylon 100% nylon waterproof film L-vent® Laminet® Laminet®) Scotchgard®)


If the nylon material of the main unit is left for a long time while wet, the film on the back will be peeled off or it will cause deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that water can not be prevented from the zipper or the needle hole, which is the sewing part, as it is not completely waterproof. The attached leather has some color blurring.


Laptops and tablets can be stored on the back side of the main storage.

There is a mesh zipper pocket on the front side.

The front part has a hook -type pocket.

The front part has a vertical zipper pocket.

In the horizontal pocket of the front part, there is a carabiner that can attach a key chain or the like.

There is also a pocket on the side.

The bag and body can be fixed with the attached strap, so you can use it while riding a bicycle.

The tape on the back corresponds to the carry bar.

Leather piss name common to the series.