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Face Leather ver. Sling Bag No.02870-L

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The body leather uses domestic raw skin, and is chrome tanned so that it can be soft and light. After dyeing with dye, the tyco contains a waterproofing agent scotchgard®, and the waterproofing agent is used to make the entire leather fiber get a high waterproofing effect, so that the effect is longer. Finished. The surface is lightly colored with pigments, so you can enjoy leather -like expressions, and by applying multiple waxes blended into the finish, it has a sticky feel. Leather featuring lightness and soft touch. The attached leather uses a smooth leather of the long -established tanner "Monfrini Pellami S.R.L. For the finish after chrome tanning, a semi -anillin finish, colored with a roll coaster machine, is mixed with a good coloring pigment and a transparent dye. Despite the plain smooth leather, it features a beautiful surface with moderate gloss. It is a unique leather unique to Mont Fly Niperami, which makes leather from European with high fashion sensitivity. It is a front pack designed so that it can be used like a front pocket when it is held on the front of the body. There is a drawstring type bottle pocket, and it is possible to separate the main storage and beverage bottle. In addition, tape loops and carabiners that can be used as a towel holder are also included, so you can expand the usage as you like, such as hooking key rings.
Size W340 H225 D95mm
Weight Approximately 390g

Waterproof cow leather (3M scotchgard®) / Italian mousse leather


There may be wrinkles and scratches unique to the individual seen in the leather. Please note that there is a possibility that color shift and color transfer color may occur due to friction, etc. Please note that due to natural leather, if it gets wet with rain or water, it may be a stain.


The main storage is a size that can store a 500ml plastic bottle.

Main storage that opens and closes with draw codes.

There is a hook -type pocket at the bottom of the flap.

The top part also has a zipper pocket.

The zipper pull has a code so that it can be easily opened and closed.

The tape loop can be replaced on both the left and right.

There is a tape loop that can be used as a towel holder.

Master-Piece piss name.