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[master-piece ONLINE STORE limited] face X-PAC No.02870-EC

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master-piece's first master-piece ONLINE STORE limited product.
The face Front Pack, which has a compact appearance but has excellent storage capacity, uses "X-PAC" from American special material manufacturer DIMENSION-POLYANT as the main body material.

Suitable for both town use and active outdoor scenes.

"A product that combines fashion and functionality at a high level."

↓Please see this article for details.

Size W340 H225 D95mm
Weight About 250g

X-PAC 210d nylon
CORDURA Ballistic® 630d Nylon


Since it is not completely waterproof, please be careful not to prevent the intrusion of water from the needle hole which is the sewing part.
If you leave the nylon material for a long time, please leave the film on the back side and dry, so please dry and dry.
After use, it is recommended to remove dirt by brushing, and to use the water repellent spray.
Please note that the specification of the product may change without notice.


The main storage is the size of a 500ml PET bottle that can be stored.

A hock-type concealed pocket suitable for collecting various small articles.

There is also a zipper pocket on the top part.

There is a tape loop that can be used as a table holder.

Comes with a tape loop that can be used as a towel holder.

The tape loop can be replaced either left or right.

It is highly breathable and waterproof even in sudden rain, and X-PAC can prevent water from entering more than a regular backpack, maintaining durability and waterproofness.

The main material is x-pac. X-pac is a special material manufacturer of American special material manufacturer dimension polyant. X-pac is a material of 3 layer type, it is made of polyester material with high strength polyester, and it is made of polyester material and it is durable and waterproof.