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Face front pack

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The main body material laminates a special microporous membrane film (Eastern Receutex Co., Ltd. BREATEC®) on the back of the lightweight nylon woven with a tale yarn 70D horizontal yarn 160D, and bonding with a Trikot nylon, Water and moisture permeate / moisture moisture-water-resistant waterproof function is equipped with a waterproof function. The special microporous membrane film in the middle layer has a very fine hole of 1 to 30 micrometers, which allows the steam to be released while preventing water droplets. It is a material that combines high water resistance and durability and lightweight. When you have at the front of the body, it has a shape along the body and is a front pack designed to be used in a sense like a front pocket. There is a drawstring type bottle pocket, which can be divided into main storage and beverage bottles. In addition, tape loops and carabiners that can be used as towel holders are also included, so you can expand how to use it as you like hooking key rings.
Size W340 h225 d95mm
Weight About 240g

Moisture and breathable waterproof 3 layer nylon


For metal parts, it may cause plating or discoloration over time, so please understand in advance as a characteristic of the material.


The main storage is a size that can store a 500ml plastic bottle.

Main storage that opens and closes with a draw code.

Main storage that opens and closes with a draw code.

The top part also has a zipper pocket.

There is a tape loop that can be used as a towel holder.

The tape loop can be replaced on both the left and right.

The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted by the buckle.

The zipper pull has a code so that it can be easily opened and closed.

Master-Piece piss name.