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SLIM 2WAY Tot Bag No. 02861

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a small, PC-like miniaturization of a machine that designed a smart design in the era of Heschenaha's or the age of the Heroicmaster-piece (masterpiece) SLIM (Slim) series.It is characterized by the combination of a nice shiny material with a deep, hacki-like material.Several pockets, designed to store PCs and gadgets, are refined and design-refined, with a topbag, a shoulder bag, and a 2WAY Tot bag that can be used in two ways.

Water-water processing for a nice glossy body material.
a specification that can be subdivided, in which the main conveyance tomenment is intermimic to the nagame
a reza with embossed
Pockets that can be stored on the rear side of the laptop.
Machi is adjustable depending on the amount of baggage.
-Back to the Carry Bar

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Size W280 H345 D75-130mm
Weight About 720g.

High-density nylon twill/embossed leather


I use the dye only to dye the original texture. Moreover, it is understood that the change of color is avoided by the characteristic of the above.


There is a pocket on the back side that can store a laptop etc.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

Depending on the amount of baggage, you can adjust the bees.

A carry bar can be passed through the tape on the back.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The exterior names are decorated with decorations.