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The gusset is narrow and the design is smart for the miniaturization of PCs and the paperless era.master-piece SLIM series. It is characterized by a combination of deep and clear leather with moderately glossy material. The multiple pockets are designed to smartly store PCs and gadgets, and the functionality and design are sophisticated, making this a modern, next-generation backpack for neo-workers and town use.

The body material has a moderate luster and is water repellent.
・The main compartment has diagonal partitions so it can be divided into smaller parts.
・Embossed leather
・Pocket on the back side that can store a laptop etc.
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Size W280 H410 D90mm
Weight About 700g

High Density Nylonsail/Enjo, Slessa.


The reza, which is used as an appendome, is a dye in order to make use of the texture of the original, and the color of dye is the same, and the color of the dye is slightly more and more.Also, in the characteristics of bare water, the color of devot is not used to be avoided, and it is accepted and approved.


The main Contax treatment is a specification that can be divided into a nape or a subdivision.

There is a pocket on the back side that can store a laptop etc.

Comes with a convenient pocket to store valuable items such as wallet.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

The exterior names are decorated with decorations.