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broad backpack M No.02851

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master-piece( Masterpiece)ofbroadseries backpack.

The main body material is a lightweight yet densely made domestic nylon twill using 110d warp thread and 210d weft thread. By jet dyeing (also known as jet dyeing, a method of dyeing fabric by placing it on a stream of dye sprayed from a nozzle), we are able to express natural wrinkles and a subdued luster. After dyeing, the surface of the fabric is treated with a mild water repellent finish. In addition, the accessory material is made from the same fabric as the main body material, but is overdyed using a method called basket dyeing, which is performed by hand by craftsmen. Basket dyeing is a unique dyeing method in which the folded fabric is sandwiched between mesh plates and dyed, creating random uneven dyeing and wrinkles, giving each piece a unique look. The material for the main storage gusset is INVISTA's 1680D Cordura Ballistic® nylon, which has approximately 5 times the abrasion/tear strength and durability of regular nylon, and the back side is treated with PU processing. This material has even greater strength. The shoulder harnesses of No.02850 and No.02851 are equipped with an original mechanism called “m-strap” that reduces the weight of luggage. This series was designed with travel in mind, and by unfolding the front flap and zipper, you can use it as a wall pocket at your accommodation (except for No. 02853). No.02853 has a removable flap on the front pocket, allowing you to use it as a ticket holder while traveling. This series is both fashionable and functional.
Size W315 H470 D170mm
Weight About 1240g

110D × 210D nylon twill
110D × 210D nylon twill ® Fabric nylon


Both the main body and the attached materials are dyed using liquid jet dyeing, which takes advantage of the texture, so there may be slight variations in color and texture. In addition, please note that the included basket-dyed nylon material may discolor or fade or transfer if it is strongly rubbed or scratched, or if it is left wet from water or rain.
Please be aware that metal parts may experience plating peeling or discoloration over time, which is a characteristic of the material.


Main zipper that opens fully. There is a mesh pocket on the back.

It is possible to attach a key chain etc. to the D crown on the back side.

The Fassner Pocket is available in the flap.It is useful for storing small items that are frequent in a place.

A large number of pockets are also installed at the bottom of the flap.

It is possible to use the front portion as a wall pocket.

The side on the side has fastener pockets.

There is a pocket on the back side that can store a laptop.

You can remove the top handle and pull it back into a hangar rack.

The shoulder strap is equipped with an original mechanism called “m-strap” that reduces the weight of luggage.

The shoulder strap has a D crown.

The accompanying material is used as an adjunct material by using a basket of basket stain, which is performed in the hands of craftsmen.

Piss name common to the series.

The tape on the back can be passed through a carrying case.