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Broad backpack m No.02851

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Master-Piece(Masterpiece)ofbroadBackpack of the series.

The main body material is a vertical thread 110D, a horizontal thread 210D, a lightweight but full -eye nylon twill. It expresses a natural wrinkle and a calm gloss by dyeing the liquid style (also called jet dyeing, a method of dyeing the dye from the nozzle and dyeing it with the dye). After dyeing, the surface of the fabric is weak water -repellent. In addition, the fabric similar to the main body material is used as an attached material using a method called basket dyeing performed by craftsmen manually. The basket dyeing is a unique dyeing method in which a folded fabric is sandwiched between the mesh plate and dyed it randomly with uneven staining and wrinkles, and each one has a different expression. The material of the main storage is 1680D Cordura Ballistic® nylon, which has about 5 times that of nylon, and durable about 5 times as much nylon, and a PU processing on the back is applied to the back. It is an improved material. No.02850 / No.02851 shoulder harness is equipped with an original mechanism called "M-STRAP" (registered as a utility model) that has been registered as a utility model that reduces the weight of the luggage.
In the series designed based on the concept of travel, if you develop the front flap and zipper on the front, there is a function that can be used as a wall pocket for accommodation (excluding No.02853). No.02853 can be removed from the flap part of the front pocket and can be used as a travel ticket holder. It is a series that balances fashion and functionality.

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Size W315 H470 D170mm
Weight Approximately 1240g

110D x 210d Nylon twill /
110D × 210d Nylon twill (basket dyeing processing)/ CORDURA BALLISTIC® FABRIC 1680D Nylon


Both the body and the attached materials are used with liquid -dyed dyeing that makes use of the texture, so there is a possibility that some blur will appear in the color and texture. Also, please note that the attached basket dyed nylon material may cause transitional colors or color transfer if you rub it strongly, scratch, or remain wet in water or rain.
For metal parts, there is a possibility that plating or discoloration may occur over time, so please understand in advance as a characteristic of the material.


The main zipper that is fully opened. There is a mesh pocket on the back.

A key chain can be attached to the D crown on the back body.

The flap has a zipper pocket. It is convenient for storing frequent accessories in and out.

There are many pockets at the bottom of the flap.

It can be used as a wall pocket by opening the front part fully.

There is a zipper pocket on the side.

There is a pocket on the back side that can hold a laptop PC.

The upper handle can be removed and hooked on a hanger rack.

The shoulder strap is equipped with an original mechanism called "M-STRAP" (registered as a practical new plan), which reduces the load on the body.

The shoulder strap has a D crown.

The attached fabric is used as an attached material using overdai -processed methods using a crack -dyed method performed by craftsmen.

Pis name common to the series.

The tape on the back can be passed through the carry case.