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gloss Key Case No. 02844

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master-piece(masterpiece)gloss ofThe keycase of the series.The main material was made to use the high-quality raw skins produced in Japan, including 'SCOTCHGARD ®,' which was made of '3M' manufactured by '3M', and to be used as a waterproof material, and to have a high waterproof effect, and to have a good effect on the material materials.The surface of the resurrecency surface uses a dye and pigment, and the more transparent and not transparent, and it can be adjusted to the surface of the water, and it will be able to provide a higher waterproofing effect on the surface by sprinting a water-repellant on the surface.The "SCOTCHGARD ®" monitor has passed the test, and will be a waterproof, protection, and oil reassant. The shriese is in the front, and the cart is put on the front, and the hobket is placed.The IC cart may have been used frequently, and the use of frequently used carts has been used to make it convenient.
Size W75 H105 D25mm



Because it is not fully waterproof, it is not possible to prevent water penetration, such as fasteners and needles, which are sewing parts. Leather is characteristic of a dyeing method, and has some color beets and degenerate colors.


The front desk has a pocket in which the card can be stored.

The zipper uses YKK's EXCELLA. It is characterized by its polished surface, which gives it a smooth feel and shine.

The sirees are codenamed in a common foil.