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Gloss Bi -fold Wallet No.02842

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Master-Piece(Masterpiece)GlossA two -fold wallet of the series.The main body material uses high -quality raw skin from domestic body, contains a 3M waterproofing material "ScotchGard®" as a dyeing tyco, and finishes a high waterproofing effect so that the waterproofing material is familiar to the whole. , The effect is finished so that it lasts longer. The leather surface uses dyes and pigments to give a transparency, but after adjusting to a natural color and atmosphere, and then spraying a water -repellent agent on the surface to gain a higher waterproofing effect. It will be waterproof, antifouling and oilproof leather that passed the "ScotchGard®" monitoring test. A card pocket is located on the front and the front desk. You can store frequently used cards such as IC cards and use them conveniently.
Size W105 H90 D40mm

Waterproof cow leather (Scotchgard®)


Please note that water can not be prevented from the zipper or the sewing part, such as from the needle hole, which is the sewing part. Leather has some color blurring and transigned colors due to the characteristics of the dyeing method.


The main storage includes cards, billing, and coin purse.

Hook -type coin purse.

Open the hook to store more cards.

The front has a pocket that can hold the card.

A foil stamping name common to the series is given.