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M-Pack Messenger Bag

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The body material uses a 66 nylon thread of vertical 500D x 840D horny 840D that meets the CORDURA®brand Fabric standard, and has strength for friction, tear, slipping, etc., and laminates a special moisture-permeable waterproof film L-Vent®. We use MASTERTEX-04 nylon, a Master-Piece original fabric with a three-layer structure with tricot nylon. After PU coating, laminated moisture-permeable waterproof film L-vent® has a high water repellency and a waterproof function of 20,000 mm water pressure. The attached material is 210D 66 nylon yarn twisted, two, and are used in vertical horizontal and woven original fabric Mastertex-07 Nylon and the factory. By regenerating manufacturing waste, using a Cordura® ECO, which is environmentally friendly to the environment that reduces energy, consumption of raw materials, reduces waste, reduces harmful gas during incineration. I am. The front pocket uses a YKK Aqua Guard Fastener with a treatment that has a water stop, and the leather at both ends is attached to the surface with a highly adhesive binder on the surface while retaining the texture of the leather. 。 It has a recursive reflection function and considers the safety of nighttime. The lining uses a nylon fabric with high antibacterial and high -density, which passed the antibacterial test by the JIS L 1902 2015 bacterial solution absorption method. It is a series that supports original fabric, which is authentic and minimalized, is high -strength, waterproof function, and unisex that has functionality to use in the city.
Size W380 H265 D155mm
Weight About 880g

MasterteX-04 (Cordura® 500D × 840D Fabric 66 Nylon 100% Nylon 100% Auditable waterproof film L-vent® laminate processing) / MasterteX-07 (Cordura Ballistic® 420D Fabric Nylon 100% moisture-hydrated waterproof film / vent®) 420D Hidensity Cordura® ECO Risacle Nylon 100% / Reflect Cow leather / Italian cow -shoulder leather (vegetable tannin tanned)


If the body material is left for a long time while wet, the film will be peeled off or it will cause deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing. The attached leather may reduce the surface due to friction and have no recursive reflection function.


A hook -type pocket is included on the back side of the main storage. Notebook PCs and tablets can be stored.

The front is attached to the left and right pockets.

A zipper pocket is also included in the flap.

A zipper pocket is also included on the back.

The flap can be opened and closed with a buckle.

At the bottom of the bag, a tape that can hook a carabiner etc. is included.

The leather at both ends is a reflect sheet on the surface with a highly adhesive binder while leaving the texture of the leather.

Since the tape is attached to the buckle, you can loosen the shoulder strap with one touch.

Buckle that can be opened and closed with one touch

The shoulder strap can be removed with a buckle, so you can replace the left and right. "M-strap" also reduces the weight of the luggage.

CORDURA's piss name.

Leather piss name common to the series.