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MASTER-PIECE X Milestone Headlamp

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MASTER-PIECE original kamophage design of coloring with the belt impacting the belt based on the multifunction model "MS-G2" on the multi-function model "MS-G2" with MILESTONE standard model. In addition, collaboration specifications that come with sub-belts for attachment to various bags etc.

· Astonishing brightness 400 Lumen · Securing foot visibility with ultras-wide illumination specification · Ultra-light weight small model (only 28 g) · Lithium battery built-in 600mAh · Multifunction

1 Brightness Adjustment 2 Lighting Pattern Memory 3 Locking Function 4 Battery Level Indicator 5 Instant Off Switch Function / Lighting Pattern

1 Mix (bulb color & white) 2 White 3 Bulb Color 4 Red 5 Red Flashing 5 Lighting Patterns. ※ Instant-off function installed: Press the switch 2 seconds after the switch is turned off and turn off the next light. In addition, it is equipped with a memory function that can store lighting patterns and brightness adjustments.

A series of multi-sized and very small rechargeable headlamps that can be used in one by one.

Brightness: about 400 lumens
Battery used: Lithium ion polymer battery (built-in)
Charge time: about 3 hours ※ It may vary depending on your USB charger. Battery life: about 14 hours (low time)
Waterproof function: IPX 4 (formatting)
Irradiation distance: about 33m
Body mass: about 28 g
Accessories: MS-G2 dedicated clip, USB cable, sub-belt
Features: Ultra-light Compact Charging Model

Weight 28g

When using it, be sure to read the instruction manual with the package. When opening, be careful not to injure your hands or fingers with a package. Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


・ Ultra -lightweight model (only 28g)

・ Ensuring the visibility of the feet with super -wide irradiation specifications

You can change the angle.

By customizing the attached hook, it can be attached to bags and various things.

MASTER-PIECE Original Komoflage with impact

The Master-Piece logo is applied.

By customizing the attached belt, you can attach it anywhere where you can grab.

It is a convenient rechargeable type.