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Milestone X Master-Piece shoulder bag No.02823

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Outdoor brand "Milestone" x Master-Piece series.
The digestive function material, the attached headlamps, and the functional side are also useful for outdoor and disaster prevention bags such as camping.
In the event of a disaster, it is compact that can quickly store and carry necessities, and can be used as part of the room in terms of design.

-The body fabric is digestive function material using flame -retardant thread (fabric that is also used in emergency bags and other disaster prevention certification).
・ Water -repellent processing in the front fabric, and on the back side to further increase waterproofness and strength, PVC processing on the back.
・ Master-Piece name turns yellow at about 39 degrees or more, and alerts at high temperatures.
・ Equipped with a reflection tape on the front that can reflect the light source that has been refracted by water such as rain.
・ The attached outdoor brand “Milestone” headlamp MS-G2 / USB Multi Function Model belt with coloring Master-Piece Original camouflage design
・ Fastener pockets that are convenient for putting a passbook in the event of a disaster in the main storage
・ The front has a zipper pocket and a lantern shade function in the space
・ It can be used like a lantern by hanging a headlamp inside.
・ It can be further fixed to the headlamp with the attached belt.
・ It is possible to hang the jacket etc. by passing through the front belt.
・ Adopts a buckle that can be removed immediately

Size W320 H230 D120 mm
Weight 740g

No. 11 flame -threatening canvas / 600D polyester (back PVC coating)


The body fabric is flame -retard, not flameproofing, but it has the effect of softening the fire spread when it hits the fire. In addition, since the surface pigment coat is applied, white muscles (whitening) and white grains such as neps are generated on the surface and needle holes. Founding and water may cause discoloration due to friction and moisture, or discoloration due to direct sunlight and aging. If you leave it for a long time with wet, it may cause discoloration and deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing. In the manufacturing process, the reflect tape has seams on the pressure marks and reflective sheets during welder processing. Please note that there is a place where the surface turns yellow due to aging or moisture. Please note that water can not be prevented from the zipper or the sewing part, such as from the needle hole, which is the sewing part. Please note that the specifications of the product may be changed without notice.


There is a zipper pocket on the back side of the main storage, and PVC processing is also applied to the back to further increase waterproofness and strength.

The main storage front side has a mesh pocket.

The front has a zipper pocket and has a lantern shade function in the space.

It can be used like a lantern by hanging the headlamp inside.

The reflect tape arranged on the front has a reflector on a smooth and flat surface even if water such as rain adheres, so the light source that is refracted by water can be reflected.

By attaching the headlamp to the shoulder belt or the bag itself, it ensures the visibility of the feet, enhances nighttime safety and visibility, and makes the bag a higher -performance thing.

You can further fix the attached belt to the headlamp.

The pocket equipped with a lantern shade function has parts with whistle function.

A zipper pocket is also applied to the back.

The center relief part is adopted, the left and right can be replaced, and the bag is always calculated to follow the body by corresponding to the angle.

We adopt a gacha belt that can be removed immediately.

The slider part of the main zipper has a keyhole, so you can increase security by attaching your locks.

You can hang the jacket etc. by passing through the front belt.

The name of Master-Piece turns yellow at about 39 degrees or more, and has a function to alert at high temperatures.

Master-Piece and Mile Stone logo leather plate is applied to the back of the main storage.

The body fabric uses No. 11, which is used for military dough, which was used for military. Use cotton for vertical yarn and flame -retardant thread for horizontal yarn, and dye it with two dyeing, dye it into a slightly different color, so that the fabric is deep into the fabric.