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Emilestone x master-piece 2way Torbubag No. 02822

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The outset was the "milestone" xmaster-piece (masterpiece) series.
The 2WAY Tot bag, which is superior to the digestive material, the headlamp attached to it, and the functional area, will also play an active role as a disaster prevention bag, such as camping.
It is also useful for a scene where you can usually use it.

The dough is a material used for digestive functions (a material used for emergency room bags, etc., which is also used for emergency disaster prevention, etc.) using flammable silk threads.
We have a repellent surface on the surface of the surface, and the back side is more waterproof and more resistant to the strength of the PVC processing.
-The name of the master-piece is changed to yellow at approximately 39 degrees or more, and the function of reminder of the heat at high temperature.
The light source that is refracted from the rain is reflected in the front, and the reflector tape can be mounted on the front.
and the outset of the appendites, the landscapes, the 'milestone', the 'milestone', the 'milestone', the 'master' of the MS-G2/USB Multi Function Model, the master-piece, the 'master', the 'master, the' master, the 'master,' and the 'kalamofurashi', the 'U,' and 'u' in the ' En '
-Main storage can contain laptops, tablets, and so on.
a pocket that has fastener pockets and has the anchorade function in the space
It is possible to use a headlamp as a lantern with a hang hanging in it.
You can fix it further with a belt that is provided with a headlamp.
Removable to shoulder straps
It is possible to hang a jacket by passing through the belt of the front and front part.

Size W395 H340 D185 mm
Weight 1200g

No. 11 flame-retardant canvas / 600d polyester (PVC coating on the back)


The dough is a difficult flame, not a flame, and it has the effect of carbonizing and moderating the spread of the fire.There is also a surface pigment coat, so white grains such as white muscle (white) and nepp are created in the surface and needles.There may be variations of color due to friction or moisture, or variations of direct sunlight and aging.If you leave it wet for a long time, it can cause color loss or deterioration, so make sure you dry it and save it.In the manufacturing process, the reflectance tape has a joint seam to the welder, or the reflective sheet.In addition, there is a place where the surface of the surface is yellow due to the age and the moisture, so please accept the foregoing.Because it is not fully waterproof, it is not possible to prevent water penetration, such as fasteners and needles, which are sewing parts.Please note that the specifications of the product may be changed at notice.


The main storage has a pocket that can store laptops, tablets, etc., and the back side is also treated with PVC to increase waterproofness and strength.

There is a mesh pocket on the main storage front side.

The front has a zipper pocket, and it has a pocket with lantern shade function in space.

It is possible to use a headlamp to be hung in a manner like a lantern.

Reflect tape, which is distributed to the front, can also reflect the light source that has refracted from the water because the reflector layer is covered with a smooth, flattened surface, even if it is a wet surface with moisture such as rain.

By installing headlamps in the shoulder belts or in the body of the bag, we can secure the visibility of our feet, increase night safety and visibility, and make the bag a more powerful object.

You can also fix any of the belts that are shipped with the headlamp.

There is also a pocket on the back.

Shoulder strap is removable.

The slider part of the main zipper has a keyhole, so you can attach your own lock for added security.

You can hang your jacket etc. by passing it through the belt on the front part.

The name of the master-piece is changed to yellow with approximately 39 degrees or more, and has a function that reminded them at high temperatures.

There is a master-piece and mile stone logo leather plate on the back of the main storage.

The main body material uses the No.11 flame retardant canvas which is used for military use. It is made by using two kinds of dyeing and applying the flame flame to the cotton thread and cotton thread.