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SARAYA × Master-Piece Alcohol Bottle Case

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A leather case corresponding to the Saraya handlab series (hand disinfecting alcohol) by collaboration of companies Saraya and Master-Piece, contributing to "hygiene and environmental and health" in the world. North Italia uses the La Bretagna Leather, which holds the factory in the Santa Croche region in the main body material. Conceria La Bretagna (Bretagna) said his 40-year career of his 40-year career he was established in 1986. In order to pursue high -quality leather creation, it is a tanner that is not a mass -produced system and specializes in shrink leather that focuses on a small number of elite manual work. The shoulder part of the European rinse thus used is tanned, dyed and fattened with a transistorial "Bucketta Method" transmitted from ancient times to this Santa Croche using plant tannin. The final finish is grained (Boranata), one piece, and the expression of unique leather even in the site. As you use this warm leather, the more you use it, the more you aged, so you can enjoy aging for a long time.

Depending on the alcohol content, the dye may peel, discolor, and may be discolored or cured, so be careful not to touch the body until the disinfecting solution dries. If the leather is watered, it may become a stain. In addition to water, leather may change due to sweat and moisture. Due to the nature of leather, color transfer and discoloration may occur due to water wetness, friction, etc. Be careful when handling, especially if it gets wet due to rain or sweat, as the color may be transferred to clothes. Avoid color transfer and discoloration if you adhere to chemical materials such as other leather products and vinyl products. Leather, which contains a lot of oil, may transfer the oil to the contacted object and may be able to stain. Please be careful when carrying it in a bag. Avoid using thinner, benzine and alcohol. When storing, avoid hot and humid and direct sunlight, store in a well -ventilated place, and sometimes take it out and shade it in a long period of time.


As a novelty for each product, a SARAYA handlab that adapts to the leather case is included.

Leather case compatible with SARAYA handlab series (hand disinfecting alcohol).

It can be attached from the bottom.

The front part is engraved with the Master-Piece logo.