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SARAYA × master-Armor Bottle Case No. 02810

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A rezor case for SARAYA, a collaboration between SARAYA and master-pieces that contributes to the world's hygiene and environmental health, and the SARAYA hand-coating alcohol. In the main material, North Italy has a factory in Santa Croce region, L.A. BRETAGNA (Brittanya). I'm using a cow-shole laser.Conceria La BRETAGNA (Bretagna) Giovanni Giovanni, Sig Testi Giovanni, was founded in 1986.In order to pursue a high-quality leather making, it is not a mass production system, but is a member of the tanners who are good at shlink leather, which is a member of a small group of elite units, and is affiliated with the association.It is a dyeing, resin, and resin, which is used in the traditional "Buketta manufacturing process," which has been handed down from ancient times to Santa Croce since ancient times, using vegetable tannin.Machining (Boranata) to Final Finishing and a single sheet of leather and a different face, which is different depending on the part of the body,The warm-blowed leather will be used up and up slowly, so I can enjoy longitudes for a long period of time.

Be careful not to touch the body until the septic fluid is dried, because the dyes are likely to be peeled or colored, depending on the ethanol.When the leather is made of moisture, it may be a cyme. In addition to water, the leather can change due to sweat or humidity.Due to the nature of leather, the color of the skin may be moved or colored due to the wet, friction, and other aspects. If you are wet with rain or sweat, especially when you're wet, color may shift to your clothes, so please be aware of your handling.If it is closely related to chemical materials such as other leather products or vinyl products, it causes colors and discoloration, so you should avoid it.The leather containing a lot of oil can be made by moving the oil to the object that you have in contact with. Please be careful when you carry it in a bag. Avoid the use of sinners, benzines, and alcohols.If it is stored, avoid high temperature and moisture, avoid direct sunlight, store it in a convenient location, and take it out from time to time for a long period of time.


A handlab of SARAYA adapting to each product, as Novelty, adapted to the rezor case.

Leather case corresponding to sanraya hand Lab Series (hand disinfection alcohol).

It can be installed from the bottom.

The front part is marked with the master-piece logo.