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master-piece( Masterpiece)dearSeries book cover.The main body is made of cow shoulder leather from LA BRETAGNA, which has a factory in the Santa Croce region of Northern Italy. Conceria La BRETAGNA was founded by Sig Testi Giovanni in 1961, over the course of his 40-year career. In order to pursue high-quality leather production, we do not use a mass production system, and are a tanner that specializes in shrink leather that is hand-crafted by a small number of elite workers.We are a member of the Italian Tanning Association. The shoulder part of European raw hides is carefully tanned, dyed, and oiled using vegetable tannins using the traditional ``vachetta method'' that has been passed down in Santa Croce since ancient times. As a final finish, graining processing (boranata) is applied to create a unique leather look that differs from piece to piece and from part to part. This warm leather ages slowly the more you use it, so you can enjoy its changes over time. Natural plant tannins (*) are also said to have antibacterial properties. Antibacterial test method and antibacterial effect JIS L1902:2015 (bacterial liquid absorption method) determined that this product has the effect of inhibiting and inhibiting the growth of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus). *Tannins, catechins, and polyphenols are used synonymously. Although different names are used in the leather and industrial fields, such as tannins, and tannic acid, catechin, and polyphenol in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic fields, they are chemically the same. The interior of NO.02800, NO.02801, NO.02802, and NO.02803 uses brushed nylon material, and NO.02800 and NO.02801 are equipped with pockets that block radio waves. The interior of NO.02804, NO.02805, NO.02806, and NO.02807 uses fine-grained pigskin leather, which gradually becomes more glossy with use. This is a series of functional accessories with a simple design that takes advantage of the quality of Italian leather.
Size W115 H160 mm

Italian cowshoulder


Since the finishing is done only with dye to make use of leather original texture, there is some color blur. In addition, it is not possible to avoid color change on the characteristics of the lifting. Please be careful if it gets wet with rain or water. Not all bacteria have antibacterial effect.


All-leather book cover compatible with paperback book size.

The master-piece logo is engraved on the inside.

The master-piece logo is also engraved on the front part.

Compatible with books of various thicknesses.

You can keep the back tablets in the band of Leather.

There is a pocket on the inside of the cover that can store bookmarks, cards, etc.