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Master pieceMaster pieceDearSeries pouch.In the main body, the northern Italian uses the cafe shoulder leather of La Bretagna (Britannia) to build a factory in the Santa Claus district. Consulta La Bretagna (Bretagna) founded sig testi Giovanni in 1961 over 40 years of career. In order to pursue the production of high quality leather, the mass production system is not taken, and it is a tanner who is good at shrink leather who is attracted to a handful of handicrafts and is affiliated with the Italian tannin tasting Association. The shoulder part of the European bark is tanned, dyeing, and sticking by the traditional "bucketta method" which has been handed down to Santa Croce since ancient times using vegetable tannin. In the final finish, granule processing is done, and one sheet and a part of the leather are different from each other. This leather with warmth is slowly aging, so you can enjoy the long aging. It is said that natural plant tannin (pink) has antibacterial effect. Antibacterial test and antibacterial effect, JIS l 1902: 2015 (bactericidal absorption), was found to be effective in preventing and suppressing the growth of bacteria Tannins, catechins and polyphenols are used as synonyms. In the field of leather and industry, tannins, foods, medicines, cosmetics are used in the form of tannic acid, catechin and polyphenol. The interior of Nos. 02800, No. 02801, No. 02802 and No. 02803 use the woolen material of nylon, and no28000 and No. 02801 are equipped with the pocket to shut off the electric wave. The interior of no00804, No. 02805, No. 02806, No. 02807 is made of fine pig leather, and it is gradually glossy. Italian leather is a simple design that makes use of the good quality of material, and is a series of accessories specializing in function.
Size W240 H130 mm
Weight About 190g.

Italian Cowshordalezer


In some cases, it may not be possible to block radio waves. Since the finish is done only with dye to take advantage of the original texture of the blocking leather, there may be slight color variations. Also, please note that due to the nature of raw materials, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided. Please note that if it gets wet with rain or water, it will stain. Also, it does not have an antibacterial effect on all bacteria.


Leather pouch suitable for storing various small items.

The main storage rear side has a pocket.

The portable straps are convenient for you.

The strap can be opened and closed with a hook, and can be attached to a bag, etc.

The master piece logo is marked on the front.