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master-piece(masterpiece)ChambersBackpack of series.It describes the domestically produced nylontoiles of 210d and the yokoito 420d in the dough, and the liquid-style dyeing (the method of processing the dough into the stream of the dye, which is said to be the stain of the dough, which is emitted from the inn), and represents a distinctive color with a slightly glossy coloring.After the stain, the surface of the dough is water-hydrated. In addition, in addition to the 13 standards of the Japan Leather Technology Association, the adjunct lessee also uses eco-mekaureza, which has been used for harmful substances and hexavalent chromium, in which the human body has been thawed and taffed and has been retuned.The surrounding condos are connected to a wide range of fasnas, and the single action is accessed by one action at the time of the opening and closing. It has been used as a part of a kind of seal with a small amount of conveyance, which has more than one conveyance, and has been used as a part of the expropriating capacity of the various condos.
Size W260 H420 D115mm
Weight About 650g

210d x 420d nylon twill / JES standard certified eco-numerous leather


The leather used for the accessories is finished with only dye to bring out the original texture of the leather, so there may be slight color variations. Also, please note that due to the nature of raw materials, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided.


A wide fasner is used to combine multiple condiments into one.

The front part also has fastener pockets.

It is possible to access main storage from the zipper on the main body side.

You can hook carabiners, etc. onto the looped tape.

The front buckle allows you to clip shirts, outerwear, towels, etc.

There is a handle on the top of the bag.

The leather embossed name is a common detail throughout the series.