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confi Shoulder Bag No.02750

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A compact master-piece (masterpiece) series of the master-piece (masterpiece), a compact, smooth-texture combination of the master-piece (masterpiece), which is characterized by a slight touch of smooth texture and a heavy touch.It is a simple and highly educated item that can fit a wide range of Fachon's accents from a jacket-style to a t-shirt, to be coordinated by a single sheet of jacket.

Main storage of a pocket that is easy to open and to be used for parties, etc., to be used at the time of the party or other parties.
a front pocket suitable for storage of a variety of small objects
a weighty metal buckle of a design accent
Montfrienipelami's Top Smew/Soothsreza
Size W160 H220 D25 mm
Weight About 390g

italian smooth leather


There may be wrinkles and scratches that are unique to each piece of leather. Please note that color migration, discoloration, and fading may occur due to friction, etc. Please note that since this is natural leather, it may stain if it gets wet with rain or water.


Main zippered storage. There is a pocket on the back side that allows you to easily put in and take out gifts etc. so that it can be used at parties etc.

The front part has a flap storage compartment.

A heavy buckle is used as a design accent.

You can remove the shoulder straps.

Original zipper pull.

The side on the side is the name of the lesser.