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The main body material is high-quality steer leather from North America with tight fibers, and it is dyed with Tyco and dried without stretching to give it more elasticity. After that, the surface is rubbed with paper and a binder is applied to give it a glass finish. To finish, it is passed through a special roll to create an antique pattern. The glass leather has a deep color and is characterized by an elegant and deep luster. The design has a main zipper that opens wide, and each has a detachable shoulder strap. Furthermore, the back is designed to allow the caliber to pass through.
Size W360 H265 D60mm
Weight About 1150g.

North American steer leather


Leather is a characteristic of the method of dyeing, and there is a lot of color bule by lot.


The main storage system has a pocket that can be stored by the laptop.

The other side has a pocket with a partition and a zipper pocket.

Opens wide so you can easily see the contents.

The rear side also has a pocket.

Sholder straps are buckle and can be adjusted for length.

The handle part is fixed with metal fittings.

The zipper has a leather pull.

There are five studs on the bottom.

It is possible to pass it through the carry bar.