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Brief case L / S

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This product is made from fine North American steer leather that has been tightened by fiber, and it is not pulled after dyeing in the tycoon so that it can be dried and dried. After that, the surface is rubbed with paper and the binder is made in glass. To finish, it is finished in an antique pattern by passing through a special roll. It is deep in the color, and it is a glass leather characterized by the elegant and deep feeling. The design is the main zipper to open and the removable detachable shoulder. In addition, the carrier is available to the back.
Size W420 H300 D85mm
Weight About 1350g

North American stealer


Due to the dyeing method of leather, there may be color variations depending on the lot.


The main storage has a pocket that can store a laptop.

On the other side, there are pockets and fastener pockets with a partition.

A specification that is wide open and is easy to see.

There is also a pocket on the back side.

There is also a pocket on the back side.

The handle part is fixed with metal fittings.

The zipper has a leather pull.

There are five tacks on the bottom.

It is possible to pass through the carry bar.