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Little $uzie2way one shoulder bag

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The main body material uses the 8 canvas of Shiga Prefecture with water repellent processing. Water repellent processing is applied not only to the surface but also to the rear surface firmly. The included leather is made in 1898 Italy Milan. It is a semi aniline finish which is colored in the full grain state after chrome tanning is coated with a pigment with a good color and a transparent dye to be coated with a roll coaster machine. In addition, it is a matured facial expression, but it is a vibrant, elegant color taste and moist touch feeling. 2 way one shoulder bag with motif of detail of staff bag.

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Size W190 H430 D155mm
Weight About 560g

8 Canvas / Italian leather


Please note that the main fabric may fade. When using, please be careful not to transfer the color to clothing etc. In particular, please refrain from combining products with light colors or materials that are prone to color transfer. Also, due to the characteristics of canvas, the color will fade if exposed to ultraviolet rays, so please store it in a well-ventilated place away from sunlight. There may be wrinkles and scratches that are unique to each piece of leather. Please note that color migration, discoloration, and fading may occur due to friction, etc. Because it is natural leather, getting wet with rain or water may cause stains or discoloration. If it gets wet, remove the moisture immediately.


The main storage can be accessed through the zipper.

Accused from top to main storage.

The front zipper pocket can store smartphones, etc.

The handle can be opened and closed with a buckle.

The shoulder strap is removable.