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The main body material is a thickly ribbed twill fabric using 1260D yarn made from Toray's Farillo ® in the vertical and horizontal directions. Farillo® is a hollow nylon material with a unique luster and texture due to its special hollow structure. The material is 20% lighter than the similar 1260d, yet thicker and has just the right amount of firmness. The finish is water repellent. The bottom is a 3-layer fabric using CORDURA® brand fabric's Hollofil AirTM (66 nylon hollow fiber), an original highly durable and highly water resistant fabric. The included suede is made from thick North American leather that is tanned with chrome and then carefully buffed with sandpaper to create a finely brushed finish. Because the leather is thick and sturdy, the dyeing process is divided into two stages, and a waterproofing agent is added during the dyeing process to make the suede highly waterproof. The leather used for the handles and other parts is tanned with 100% tannin, resulting in a thick and sturdy leather that will age well. This series features a combination of high-strength, highly water-repellent materials and a military-style daisy chain with the brand logo framed by eyelets.




Size W340 H540 D250 mm
Weight Approximated 32L/approximately 1,670g

1260d hollow nylon twill / waterproof suede / MASTERTEX-09TM (CORDURA Ballistic® Hollofil AirTM fabric 1680d × 840d nylon breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) / cow leather


If nylon material is wet for a long time, it will be a cause for dissociation or deterioration, so please keep it dry and keep it in storage.Because it is not fully waterproof, it is not possible to prevent water penetration, such as fasteners and needles, which are sewing parts.The sayed material is natural leather, and it is unavoidable for the color to fall due to soaking or friction, or to color the clothes to the clothes.Also, please note that the characteristics of the materials cannot be changed.


Flap of main storage can be opened and closed by buckle.

Main storage is accessible from side. MacBook Pro 16inch can be stored on the back.

There is a zipper pocket on the front that can store gadgets.

The front right side also has a portrait of fastener pockets.

A fastener pocket is also provided at the bottom of the front.

Water bottle pocket on left side.

The gusset can be adjusted with the side belt.

Zipper pocket on the upper right side.

The lower part of the right side can be found in the shoulder straps.

It can be used as a side pocket when carried on your back, and you can hang keys etc. from the drawcord pocket or the included eggplant crown.

The shoulder straps are equipped with an original mechanism called "m-strap", which reduces the weight of the luggage.

There is an open pocket on the back.

Zipper pocket on flap.

The main storage system can be opened and closed in a doro code.