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WING 3WAY Backpack

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Body fabric is a fabric using a laminar thread with a thick yarn with 1260D nylon yarn and a yoko thread on a tale thread, and a fabric using a slender thread. The nylon hollow fiber is weighted by making the core fiber only and wound around the material of the special water-soluble vinyl loin, and the core water-soluble vinylone is dissolved and the central portion is lighter by making it a nylon yarn that hollows off the central portion It is a material with strength and lightness. The back side has a PU coating, and it has the effect of preventing losing dough. In addition, the fabric surface is water repellent.
The attached fabric uses high durability and water repellency materials by laminating high durability PU films to two layers based on 100% cotton canvas dough. In order to make use of the cotton canvas texture, the film is printed with glossy gray, and is finished with a sense of luxury. The accessory leather uses a domestic cow leather. At the stage of tanning, the waterproofing agent is inserted by putting the waterproofing agent manufactured by "3M", and the waterproofing agent penetrates the waterproofing agent, stronger than normal surface water repellent, and the effect also longer than normal. increase. Smooth and elegant expression leather. A simple design that is easy to coordinate, and the necessary functions such as PC pockets and mesh pockets for accessible accessories can be used to reduce the weight and durable balance. It is a good business bag series.

Size W415 H280 D105mm
Weight 1200g

1260D × 1000D Horizontal hollow -up thread Nylon Ox / Cotton canvas (high durability PU film laminate processing) / Smooth cow leather (3M scotchGARD®)


If you leave it for a long time with the main body material and attached material for a long time, the coating and film will be peeled off or may cause deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing. The water -repellent process of the surface material surface is processed on the surface, so the effect may be weakened by friction and aging during use. In addition, the water repellency is lost due to dust and other dirt attached to the dough. * If the water -repellent fruit has diminished, it is recommended to use a commercially available water -repellent spray. Please select the water -repellent spray that suits the material, read the notes carefully when using it, and then try it in an inconspicuous place. The attached material is a highly durable PU coating material, but it may be peeled due to deterioration due to strong friction or usage. The attached leather has some color blurring. Also, please note that color shift and transitional colors may occur due to friction, etc. Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


The front part has a zipper pocket and a finely divided pocket inside.

On the back side of the main storage is an open pocket that can store laptops and tablets.

Main storage that opens wide. There is a mesh pocket on the front

There is also a zipper pocket on the back

There is also a zipper pocket on the back

The shoulder strap can be removed

The handle can be fastened with a hook

The bottom tack is applied

Leather piss name common to the series.