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CHAORAS × Master-Piece shoulder bag No.02702

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This collaboration series is a unique design that uses CHAORAS® sports as a bag part as a bag part.

As a shoulder belt, we use a brand Chaoras® brand Charas® (Chaobus), a brand that matches the goodness of the products created from traditional Japanese manufacturing with new ideas and challenge Tradition & Innovation, which connects to the next generation.
This sport is also applied to overlock processing to prevent fraying, and bacterial and deodorant processing that penetrates the "Hinokitur" into the fabric, providing a soft touch by special processing by natural softener.
The size is 165cm long size specially produced for this collaboration.The popular "vintage bandana pattern" is used in CHAORAS®, and the color combined with the bag body color is bespoke and used.

It is a fabric with a stretchy and soft texture woven woven with bamboo roe -yeon (bamboo fiber) and cotton. It dries and can be used immediately.
It is an outstanding touch that is hard to stuffy due to excellent absorbent moisture.

The body fabric of the bag is woven with a 70D nylon regular thread on the vertical yarn, and the horizontal yarn is woven by using a twin thread. By dyeing while inserting wrinkles without grabbing the ears of the dough called liquid dyeing, the span -like, matte glossy and unique wrinkles are used, using tasser -woven fabric that is finished in cotton -like. Masu. In the final process, water -repellent is applied to the surface of the fabric.

Size W360 H275 D125 mm
Weight Approximately 230g

Tanugi fabric: 50% cotton, 50% Bamboo Rayon /
Bag body fabric: 70D × 160D Nylonser


The body fabric may differ in the way of wrinkles and the color and glossiness depending on the special dyeing method. Water repellency is lost due to dust and other dirt attached to the main body fabric. After use, we recommend that you remove dirt by brushing moderately and use commercially available water -repellent spray frequently.
* Please use the water -repellent spray that is in the material. When using it, read the notes carefully and then try it in an inconspicuous part.
Please use sports and wet after washing for the first time. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it shrinks a little when washed. Please be careful when handling it as it may discolor. If you leave it wet, you may cry or change colors. Avoid soaking or using a detergent containing bleach. Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


The Tanugui pattern adopts the popular "vintage bandana pattern" in CHAORAS®, and is bespoke and used the combined color of the bag body color.

The interior has a zipper -type hanging pocket, which is convenient for storing small items separately.

By changing the knot, you can not only adjust the length but also arrange the nuances, so it supports various styling.

By changing the knot, you can not only adjust the length but also arrange the nuances, so it supports various styling.

Not only the knots, but also the shoulder methods can be arranged in various ways.