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Bucket Bag Bucket Bag

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We explored an ideal bag that can be used easily like a frequently used shopping bag and is easy to match with coordination. "Bucket Bag", which is completed by trial and error of the size and shape of "carrying things" to carry things, is the point in which there is no adjuster, and the specifications that tie and adjust the shoulder part. By tying, it can be arranged according to the tote, shoulder, handbag type and its mood and coordination that day, and is a simple design that can be used freely anywhere.
Size W400 H290 D125(mm)
Weight 280g

CORDURA® 610D Fabric 100% polyester


Main storage that is open and easy to see.

Both sides of the interior have pockets suitable for storage of smartphones and accessories.

The tape provided on the main body is suitable for hooking AirPods cases and carabiners.

The main storage is the opening and closing of the hook button type.

The point is that there is no adjuster and the shoulder part is tied and adjusted.

Depending on how you tie, you can arrange tote, shoulder, handbag type, and the mood and coordination of the day.

The interior has a masterpiece leather name.

The main material is a polyester thread that meets the CORDURA®BRAND FARIC standard, has the strength against friction, tear, slipping, etc., and has Teflon® processing on the surface. there is.