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Potential Golf Club Case No.02640

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Master-Piece(Masterpiece)ofGolfSeries club case.The main body material is the production of CORDURA® BRAND FARIC, and a certified factory that meets quality standards, and two 210D 66 nylon yarns are twisted, and two are used as vertical horizontal and woven and woven. The excellent original fabric, MasterteX-07. The surface of the fabric is water-repellent, and the back is laminated with a special hydrangering waterproof film L-vent®, and it has a waterproof function of 20,000 mm level with a three-layer structure with tricot nylon. 。 The parts combine the original fabric Mastertex-04, 05, 06. The attached material uses leather with waterproof tanned, and the material on the bottom is usually about 5 times that of nylon wear, torn strength, and durable 1680D Cordura Barastec® nylon, and PVC on the back. By applying processing, further strength and waterproofness are improved.

Master-Piece flagship series Potential has been updated as a gear that can be used in Golf.

Size W150 H1215 D80 mm
Weight Approximately 1000g

MasterteX-07 (CORDURA BALLISTIC® 420D FARLIC Nylon 100% Raminates) / MasterteX-04 (Cordura® 500D x 840D FARIC 66 Niron 100% Moisture Waterproof L- VENT® laminate processing) / CORDURA BALLISTIC® Fabric 1680D Nylon (PVC coating) / Waterproof leather


Please note that it is not completely waterproof, so it cannot be prevented from invading water from the needle hole, which is the sewing part. If the nylon material is left for a long time while wet, the film on the back side may be peeled off or it may deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Water -repellent processing will be the surface processing, so if you use it, the effect will be diminished due to friction. In addition, the water repellency is lost due to dust attached to the dough and other dirt. After use, we recommend that you remove dirt by brushing moderately and use commercially available water -repellent spray frequently. No.02639, 02641, 02642, and 02343 are produced in China.


The main storage can store enough clubs in practice and short coats.

There is a convenient zipper pocket for storing valuables such as wallets while moving.

It has a convenient pocket for storing gloves and smartphones.

The front part uses a YKK Aqua Guard zipper with a treatment that has a water stoppage.

The shoulder is designed to be attached to the carabiner.
In addition, it can be easily adjusted according to your height.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The side of the main storage is tape that can be attached to a key chain or the like.

Double hook handle that is easy to hold.

Leather name with Master-Piece logo engraved.