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The master-piece GOLF self-stand-only case No. 02639

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master-piece(masterpiece) master-piece GOLFSelf-standcases for the series.The main material is the production of CORDURA ® brand fabric, the certified factory meets the quality standards, with two twists of the 210d of 66 nylon, and the other two are used for the tate and yoko, and the superior orishi is in the duo-resistant consistency, and the alfaaf is Rick, MASTERTEX-07.The surface of the dough is water-mizu-processing, and on the back side, the special-permeable humidification film L-Vent ® is laminated, and a three-layer structure with a three-layer structure containing a trichotnayron is equipped with a waterproof function of 20,000mm lehor with a water supply pressure of 20,000mm.Halik also combines MASTERTEX-04, 05, and 06 with a narfaf and a narfaf and a like.The attached materials are also used as waterproof reza, while the bottom material uses the 1680D coate of INVISTA, which is usually about five times the wear, tear, and durability of the nylon, using the listec ® nylon, and further strength and waterproofing are used to provide PVC processing on the back side.The master-piece flack, the Sipf-Sicff-Sisch-Sisleese, and the uitoate of the potential for GOLF-the potential of the potential for GOLF.
Size Height: 770mm/Food in: 1,250mm compatible clubs: 47-inch frame: 3 split
Weight About 1500g

MASTERTEX-07 (CORDURA Ballistic® 420d fabric 100% nylon breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) / MASTERTEX-04 (CORDURA® 500d×840d fabric 66 nylon 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) / CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon (PVC coating) / waterproof leather


This product is manufactured in China. Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the needle holes in the sewn parts. If the nylon material is left wet for a long time, the film on the back may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Water repellent treatment is a surface treatment, so as you continue to use it, the effect will fade due to friction and other factors. Water repellency can also be lost due to dust or other dirt that adheres to the fabric. After use, we recommend brushing to remove dirt and frequently using a commercially available water repellent spray.


High-strength mouth frame 3 separate types Triangle structure makes it easy to put in and take out clubs Compatible with 47 inches and can store up to 8 clubs.

The shoulder strap is removable.

Original hook buckle Not only can you adjust the pocket, but you can also easily hang outerwear, etc.

Glove holder: Equipped with a hook-and-loop fastener that allows you to secure your gloves while playing.

Large open pocket that can easily fit two plastic bottles.

The front pocket is perfect for temporarily storing your cell phone, etc.

In addition to protecting shock from outside the shock-shape stability sheet, we do not only have to protect the impact from the outside world, but also to extract the club from the outside world. Also, the shape of the pockets is also hard to crush.

Hood Cover/Shoulder Strap This item is less likely to get scratched during transportation and is convenient when using public transportation such as trains and buses.

Self-stand-bag for self-play, training, and so on.

Blandrogo is embroidered in a belt to secure a stand while moving.

Equipped with a hook for easy hanging on golf course carts.

Comes with a hook that allows you to attach towels, pouches, etc.

Shock-resistant and abrasion-resistant molded bottom parts Made of the same material as the parts used for the bottom of caddy bags.

master-The logo with the piece logo tick.