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One-sholder, which is easy to use during the Tackle exchange.By opening the dual-sner on the side, you can access the main storage equipment directly.In addition, main storage can be made up and down in accordance with the use of the main storage, and the upper part can be used up and down, such as reefs and reairers, and the lower part is used for the purpose.It also assumes that the functionality is used in bus fishing, such as back pockets that can easily return the cut line or garbage, and the magnet backlog and sizing that can be taken off in one touch.It's a simple design that doesn't seem like a "tag bag," so it's a good choice for everyday use without having to float on the street.In the concept of the blending of the black bass phishing and the street, I used to repeat the fishing of the name of a field called a meeting called the "Meeting", and to repeat the field test name change, as well as to design a design that is not only a gears' functionality and convenience, but also a design familiar to the city. The main material is Toray (stock). The powerful yarn of the nylon 420d is woven into a strong, resilient fabric that can withstand the 1680d class of hard use.Also, by coating a PU of twice as much as the usual fabric on the back side of the dough, the texture is a good texture for the fabric. The supplied leather can be made by using a dye-based oil-processing dye, which is made by a combination of a cowleaser, which is tanned on a combination of convenience stores, with a dyeing technique, and using a leather-based leather leather (shigbo and tsuya), which is used in the back of the leather (shigbo and tsura).In the interior-name, the original unhearted Basnudes were expressed in illustrations by illustrating the "joint performance of fish and female bodies" with illustrations of illustration.The reduction card in the TASF is also used as the name tag of the Tackle box if the PRICE seal is peeled off. The TASF and the master-piece collaboration series presented by Decabus and Fashion in the Fashion Streetcar are a collaboration between the TASF and the master.
Size W340 H425 D160 mm
Weight About 890g

1680d Nylonox/Oyldkaurezer (convenience store)


Please be sure to dry the main body of the product, so please leave it for a long time. The leather does not use any pigment, so it is finished with the use of a lot of dyes to make leather original texture, so there is some color blur. In addition, it is not possible to avoid color change on the characteristics of the lifting.
If it gets wet or wet with water, it becomes the cause of stains or discoloration.


Zipper main storage. There is a zipper pocket at the front, and a pocket that can store the notebook PC and tablet on the back side.

The main storage system can be used to sepate it up and down according to the use of the main storage, and the upper part can be used as a replacement, such as a reefer or a lair, and so on, and so on.

Leather brand name.

By opening the dual zippers on the side, you can directly access the tools stored in the main storage.

By opening the dual-sner on the side, you can access the main storage equipment directly.

The front part has a zippered pocket.

Back pocket with flip for easy storage of cut lines and debris. Convenient for everyday use, such as storing your smartphone.

Back pocket with easy to put cut line and garbage. It is useful for storage of smart phone.

One-sholder, which is easy to use during the Tackle exchange.

Magnetic buckle that can be attached and detached with one touch

TASF's bath nude piss name.

Master-piece's piss name.