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RAD 3way bag

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The main body material uses a strong and thick fabric with a high -power nylon of 2520D on the weft in the weft with a high -density of 1680D of Toray. The surface of the fabric is made of environmentally friendly fluorine C-6 with water repellent, oil repellent, and antifouling coating. The attached leather uses a high -quality steer leather from North America, puts 3M waterproof agents in the drum at the tanning stage, and penetrates into the leather. After that, the waterproofing is further enhanced by spraying a waterproofing agent made in the company at the finishing stage by adding dyeing and oil to make it. It is a waterproof, oilproof and antifouling leather that passed the monitoring test of the 3M company "ScotchGard_". The test is done even if the surface is cut, so it does not work. In terms of function, the lower part of the front is reflected printed on a loop -shaped tape to consider the safety at night. Parts of parts are reduced as much as possible by not using metal. There is a space for storing laptops and tablets.
Size W450 H310 D140 (mm)
Weight About 1250G

1680D x 2520d High strength nylon 100%Steea leather (3M Scotchgard_)


The main body fabric is water -repellent, and the attached leather is waterproof, but it is not a completely waterproof product because it may be flooded from the zipper or sewing part if it gets wet due to rain. The attached leather has some color blur due to the nature of the material. Also, please note that we cannot avoid transfereeing colors. When storing laptop or tablet, be sure to put it in a case with a protective function.